Tampa embraces e-scooters, even if we keep throwing them in the river

“In Tampa, the scooters have traveled 3 million miles and logged 2½ million trips at an average of 1.2 miles per journey — a number, city officials say, shows that people are using them for actual transportation and not just fun on weekends . . . But Tampa’s trek into the world of e-scooters has not been without speed bumps. A persistent complaint: Scooters left blocking sidewalks, dumped on roadsides and littering parks instead of properly parked in designated corrals.” See More . . .

Image: Photo By ESRP / All Rights Reserved, via esrpcorp.com/esrpblog

Text Source: https://www.tampabay.com/news/transportation/2022/04/01/tampa-embraces-e-scooters-even-if-we-keep-throwing-them-in-the-river/
By: Sue Carlton (Tampa Bay Times) – Urban Affairs Reporter

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