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Tampa Bay has a history of deadly wrong-way crashes, like the one that killed a Tampa police officer

Wrong-Way Sign

“FDOT is working to install systems to reduce the fatal crashes. . . When triggered, sensors inform FDOT, which monitors the system 24/7. Florida Highway Patrol is then alerted, and overhead highway signs warn drivers about the potential threat. Flashing lights warn the wrong-way driver to turn around.” See More . . . Image: Photo By Coolcaesar / CC BY-SA …

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FDOT committed to focus on wrong way driver detection, driverless cars

“In a study released by FDOT last year, District 7 reported 24 wrong way crashes from 2009 to 2013. Seven of those crashes or 13.7 percent were fatal. In 2014, when there were 12 wrong way crashes, according to the FDOT, including a fatal one in which four University of South Florida fraternity brothers and the driver who ran into …

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The Future of Transportation is Now: FDOT Highlight, District Seven Secretary Paul Steinman

“District Secretary Paul Steinman is no stranger to taking on challenges and embracing technological advancements. Autonomous and connected vehicles provide a perfect outlet to explore how innovation can increase safety and reduce congestion on Florida’s highways.” See More . . . Source: http://www.automatedfl.com/the-future-of-transportation-is-now-meet-district-seven-secretary-paul-steinman/By: Florida Automated Vehicles

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