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Cruise recalls 300 robotaxis after Muni bus crash


“After this driverless cruise car rear-ended a Muni bus in March, Cruise founder and CEO Kyle Vogt says they filed a voluntary recall with the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration. . . Cruise is working to get approval for around-the-clock driverless taxis in San Francisco. Currently, the cars are only operating on off-peak hours. ” See More . . …

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The Future of Transportation – Frictionless Vehicles and Binary Power Will Define Transportation

“The flying car era will really begin around 2015 with flying drones. Flying drones will be used by FedEx and UPS to deliver packages, Pizza Hut to deliver pizzas, and Kroger and Safeway to deliver groceries. But beyond that, drones will enable homes to be taken off the grid with delivery of water and electricity (changing out batteries for the …

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