Jaunt Air Mobility and Varon Vehicles Partner for Aerial Mobility in Latin America

“Jaunt had previously partnered with Uber Elevate, and although Elevate has now been acquired by Joby Aviation, the partnership showed Jaunt’s readiness to enter markets in the U.S and abroad within the next few years. Jaunt believes its ‘Journey’ aircraft will be in operation moving people and aircraft by 2026, with demonstrations beginning in 2023.” See More . . .

Image: Photo By Felipe Ortega Grijalba / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Text Source: https://transportup.com/headlines-breaking-news/vehicles-manufactures/jaunt-air-mobility-and-varon-vehicles-partner-for-aerial-mobility-in-latin-america/
By: TransportUP (news)

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