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Following New Data Showing Traffic Fatalities Remain Persistently High, USDOT Announces Over 30 New Commitments from Allies in Action to Reduce Traffic Deaths

Guardrail Rocky Point (ESRP)

“The Department launched the National Roadway Safety Strategy in January 2022 in response to the fact that after decades of steady declines, traffic deaths began rising again in 2010 and then surged during the early days of the pandemic in 2020.” See More . . . Image: Photo By ESRP / All Rights Reserved, via Source: U.S. DEPARTMENT …

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SunRunner to add stop near Pier, two new buses next year

SunRunner (PSTA)

“Both the new stop and the new buses will be funded by leftover federal dollars from the original SunRunner project, which came in $5 million under budget, Miller said. The projects received federal approval Thursday.” See More . . . Image: Derivative of Video By PSTA / Public Domain, via Source: Jack Evans (Pinellas County Reporter / Tampa …

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Challenges Facing the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Downtown Tampa Office Buildings (ESRP)

“This could have a significant impact on congested arterial roads and collector streets, particularly during peak hours in densely populated urban areas nationwide. ” By: Alex Anaya (ESRP Corporation) Recent data suggests that the prices of commercial real estate are likely to decline sharply in the upcoming months. This is due to the combination of increased interest rates and the …

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Mega rocket Starship could enable new types of astrophysics

Starship at Starbase

“Scientists say that as well as ferrying astronauts into deep space, Starship could enable new types of astrophysics and planetary science – because it can launch heavier science payloads, such as telescopes and interplanetary spacecraft, than other space vehicles can . . . Starship could simultaneously launch multiple space telescopes to work as an array to probe the Universe, or …

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Electric Cargo Bikes, A Great Tool to Improve Urban Transportation

Electric Cargo Bike - Amsterdam (ESRP)

“The electric-bike market (which includes electric cargo bikes) is projected to grow to more than US$70 billion by 2028, assuming that the size of this market will reach approximately US$50 billion in 2023. The growth of the electric cargo bike market is driven by several factors, including but not limited to, increased environmental awareness, rising fuel prices, and the availability …

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How about some pickleball under those Tampa Bay highway overpasses?

Selmon Crosstown Expressway Extension

“Miami has taken up the concept in a big way with its Underline, a 10-mile linear park, urban trail and public art project on land below the Metrorail . . . Locally, planners considered the Underline and other ideas in their current 4.5-mile project to add a lane in each direction on the Selmon Expressway between South Tampa and downtown. …

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“the St Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line’s 109-year-old business model was fundamentally quite similar to the new air taxi services now promised by the 21st-century transportation revolutionaries working to use eVTOL aircraft for so-called urban air mobility (UAM) services. Early applications of all-electric vehicles, typically carrying just two to four passengers, largely consist of short flights of between 20 and 100 miles …

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E-bikes are everywhere, but not everyone is happy about that

Pinellas Trail (ESRP)

“Some people see e-bikes as the future of urban transportation and a way to get more cars off the road. Others say they’re adding new dangers for pedestrians. The truth lies somewhere in the middle of the road … or the sidewalk … or the trail. Some of the confusion lies in understanding just what an e-bike is in the …

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Tampa Bay region to receive $52M in federal funding to support public transportation

Tampa Street Car - ESRP

“Florida will receive nearly $543 million for transit projects with the Tampa Bay area receiving $51,906,354, according to the data . . . The funding will help upgrade stations and tracks, transition to next-generation buses, plan and design new transit corridors and provide specialized services for seniors and riders with disabilities, the FTA said in a news release.” See More …

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Cross-Bay Ferry hits 300,000 rider milestone during spring break season

Tampa Convention Center

“The Cross-Bay Ferry is a regional collaboration between Hillsborough County, city of Tampa, city of St. Petersburg, and Florida Department of Transportation. This season’s service began on Oct. 19 and will continue until May 28. . . In Tampa, the ferry departs from the dock at the Tampa Convention Center, and in St. Petersburg from the dock at North Straub …

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