Plan to expand Selmon Expressway to Big Bend Road moves forward

Selmon Ext @ WestShore Blvd

“While transportation leaders didn’t commit to a timeline of when this project would be completed, during their presentation, 2045 was listed as the projected date when this and other projects — such as U.S. 301, U.S. 41 and Interstate 75 — would be finished” See More . . . Image: Derivative of Photo By Wslupecki / CC BY-SA 4.0, via …

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FDOT plans state’s first wildlife crossing overpass across I-4 in Polk County

Wildlife Overpass Alberta

“For the last 50 years since I-4 was built, it has been a barrier to wildlife movement. FDOT’s proposed wildlife crossing overpass will improve the access animals have to their habitats on both sides of the interstate . . . The $11.9 million dollar wildlife overpass will be the first in the state solely for wildlife use. FDOT determined that …

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Alaska Airlines announces hydrogen-electric partnership with ZeroAvia

Zero Avia Airplane Front

“ZeroAvia will retrofit a retired 76-seat Q400 – formerly flown by Alaska’s regional subsidiary Horizon Airlines – with electric motors driven by hydrogen fuel cells . . . ZeroAvia says that combining the MegaCore motor with a higher-temperature fuel cell and stacks of power inverters will give the company enough power to fly an aircraft as big as the Q400 …

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Florida Uber And Lyft Drivers To Stop Work On Friday At Major Airports


“According to a release, with simultaneous rallies and work stoppages at airports in Orlando, Miami, and Tampa, Florida rideshare drivers are uniting in a historic statewide effort to win higher wages, an end to unfair app company deactivations, safety improvements, and a union for Uber & Lyft Drivers.” See More . . . Image: Photo By Lyft / Media Kit, …

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New Tampa Bay Ferries Alliance Continues Area Public Transportation Vision

Electric Ferry - Wikimedia

“The Tampa Bay Ferries Alliance’s initial goals are to secure expedited permanent ferry service in the Tampa Bay region, including a commuter connection between South Hillsborough County and MacDill Air Force Base alongside service between St. Petersburg, Tampa and South Hillsborough County.” See More . . . Image: Derivative of Photo By Erik Christensen / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia …

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High-speed train from California to Las Vegas gains more support

Train Station (ESRP)

“The lawmakers have asked the Biden administration to speed up the delivery of federal funds that would help a private company — Florida-based Brightline — begin laying the tracks for the proposed $10 billion project, called Brightline West . . . Brightline has asked for $3.75 billion in federal cash connected to the Biden administration’s federal infrastructure law.” See More …

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Changes to Florida transportation bill could now target Disney’s monorail system

Disney Monorail @ Epcot (ESRP)

“The committee-proposed amendment would require DOT oversight of the monorail and other fixed-guideway transportation systems . . . It would also give the state the authority to shut down the systems during inspection” See More . . . Image: Photo By ESRP / All Rights Reserved, via Source: Rachel Tucker (WFLA News Channel 8 On Your Side – …

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Following New Data Showing Traffic Fatalities Remain Persistently High, USDOT Announces Over 30 New Commitments from Allies in Action to Reduce Traffic Deaths

Guardrail Rocky Point (ESRP)

“The Department launched the National Roadway Safety Strategy in January 2022 in response to the fact that after decades of steady declines, traffic deaths began rising again in 2010 and then surged during the early days of the pandemic in 2020.” See More . . . Image: Photo By ESRP / All Rights Reserved, via Source: U.S. DEPARTMENT …

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SunRunner to add stop near Pier, two new buses next year

SunRunner (PSTA)

“Both the new stop and the new buses will be funded by leftover federal dollars from the original SunRunner project, which came in $5 million under budget, Miller said. The projects received federal approval Thursday.” See More . . . Image: Derivative of Video By PSTA / Public Domain, via Source: Jack Evans (Pinellas County Reporter / Tampa …

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Challenges Facing the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Downtown Tampa Office Buildings (ESRP)

“This could have a significant impact on congested arterial roads and collector streets, particularly during peak hours in densely populated urban areas nationwide. ” By: Alex Anaya (ESRP Corporation) Recent data suggests that the prices of commercial real estate are likely to decline sharply in the upcoming months. This is due to the combination of increased interest rates and the …

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