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Some of the biggest automakers are taking hydrogen seriously. What now?

Hydrogen Station - Wikipedia

“To speed adoption, Toyota has opened its hydrogen patents to competitors, with the logic that the only way infrastructure will get built is if a variety of major automakers are in the mix. But as long as fossil fuels are around and reasonably priced, it’s possible that none of this will matter: evidence suggests that a majority of car buyers …

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Honda, Toyota, Nissan want to change how you fill up the tank

Vehicle Tank - Wikipedia

“Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are zero-emission vehicles that emit water vapor and warm air as exhaust—although the production of hydrogen may produce emissions, depending on the source. The most common way to produce hydrogen is through steam reforming, when high-temperature steam is combined with natural gas. Hydrogen can also be produced from water through electrolysis, which is expensive and energy …

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Tampa forms group to cut greenhouse gases emissions

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“Tampa has already taken steps to lower emissions. In 2014, Mayor Bob Buckhorn unveiled Tampa’s first five natural-gas garbage trucks, a more environmentally friendly alternative fuel source than diesel. The city also set a target of this year having roughly 25 trucks running on compressed natural gas, roughly 12 percent of its overall fleet.” See More . . . Source: …

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