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The (Other) Transportation Tech to Watch in 2016


“Always-on wireless communications between cars, and between cars and infrastructure, will almost certainly spread more quickly than driverless cars, while providing a lot of similar benefits in safety and efficiency. The Department of Transportation is expected to release its rules for V2V in early 2016, which will hopefully push the auto industry closer to a true standard.” See More . …

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From 3D-printed airplanes to robot explorers: Nine TED talks on the future of tomorrow

“TED talks have become an integral forum in airing ideas about tomorrow’s world, and how the likes of transport and energy will be revolutionized in the future. Here, we take a look at nine of the most thought-provoking discussions on what the transformation of tomorrow will entail.” See More . . . Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/07/tech/innovation/ted-talks-tomorrow-transformed/index.html?iref=allsearch By: https://twitter.com/charlottelytton

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Finally, a flying car for everybody?

“The aircraft would be largely autonomous and would, for the most part, need no piloting at all. Flying through “highways in the sky” – flight paths designed to host swarms of PAVs flying in formation – the PAVs would avoid obstacles and select landing spots autonomously by using intelligent sight sensors” See More . . . Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/03/tech/innovation/finally-a-flying-car-mycopter/ By: Peter …

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Flying blind(ly) into the future; Airbus

“The European airliner manufacturer Airbus Industrie recently took out a patent for an airliner design without the usual cockpit up front. The flight crew would be sited deep inside the belly of the fuselage, their visual input confined to video panels, to go with the all-electronic flight controls.” See More . . . Source: http://blogs.berkeley.edu/2014/08/14/flying-blindly-into-the-future/ By: Gene Rochlin

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Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways Image

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