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Another reason Tampa Bay needs mass transit: Fewer people are getting drivers’ licenses

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“If this persists, a good chunk of the country’s population, and especially the younger adults that make up our future workforce, will choose to live where there is quality mass transit not only because they want to — but because they have to in order to get around without a car.” See More . . . Source: http://home.tampabay.com/news/business/another-reason-tampa-bay-needs-mass-transit-fewer-people-are-getting/2261988By: ROBERT TRIGAUX, …

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Greenlight Pinellas’ bus element could have greatest impact

“For the Greenlight Pinellas plan to work, the bus system also will have to lure so-called choice riders, those who could drive but opt for transit. And that, PSTA leaders say, can only be done with investment.” See More . . . Source: http://tbo.com/greenlight-pinellas-bus-element-could-have-greatest-impact-20141005/ By: Christopher O’donnell

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Is Greenlight Pinellas in trouble?

“StPetePolls asked 1,862 likely Pinellas County voters if they plan to vote for Greenlight in November. The plan asks for an additional one-percent sales tax, an increase from 7 to 8 percent, to be used for upgraded bus service countywide and the construction of a light-rail corridor from St. Petersburg to Clearwater Beach.” See More . . . Source: http://www.saintpetersblog.com/archives/158937 …

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Hillsborough must boost bus service before getting light rail grants

“A study commissioned by Hillsborough County government cautions that improvements are needed in public bus service before the community could compete for light rail grants under new federal criteria.” See More . . .  Source: http://www.tampabay.com/news/transportation/masstransit/hillsborough-study–improve-bus-service-before-asking-feds-for-rail-money/2194438 By: Caitlin Johnston

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New bus pass program launched for SPC students and employees

“St. Petersburg College and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority formally launched their new collaborative Universal Pass initiative Thursday, which allows SPC students and employees to ride the bus for free by showing their school ID when they climb aboard.” See More . . . Source: http://www.tampabay.com/news/transportation/masstransit/new-bus-pass-program-launched-for-spc-students-and-employees/2194103 By: Katie Mettler

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FL: Greenlight Pinellas Supporters Push Back

“Now, in another sign that the campaign over the future of transit in Pinellas is getting more heated, supporters of Greenlight are fighting back. The nonprofit group Connect Tampa Bay is warning voters that No Tax for Tracks is pushing for the privatization of county buses, and that defeat of the Greenlight plan would mean a 30 percent cut in …

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